A collection of highly engaging writing prompts, audio introductions and annotated exemplars for students in years 4 to 7. The set of activities are part of a wider collection from the popular Writing Legends program.

Huge Teacher Timesaver

  • Brilliant Writing Lessons includes fifty writing activities for each year level.
  • Highly engaging prompts in Imaginative, Informative and Persuasive texts.
  • Activities may be beamed up with a data projector or linked to via Google Classroom or LMS.
  • Each year group contains 50 writing activities.
  • Student responses may be hand written or on Word / Google Docs.
  • The resource comes as fully editable Google Slides / Powerpoint.
  • Once-off payment of only $39.95 AUD per year group - Opening Special $29.95.

Every writing activity includes an engaging prompt, an audio introduction and an annotated exemplar. It is recommended that teachers play and discuss the audio introduction and expemplar prior to the students planning and writing their responses.


The audio introduction is designed to help motivate the students. It aims to reduce anxiety and to be of special assistance to those who are unsure as to how to get going.

The annotated exemplar provides an at-level modelled response which highlights some of the techniques used to strengthen the writing. Teachers may also find it beneficial to write a second model response as a class.

The writing activities are expected to be less than 250 words, although there is no word limit requirement. We believe that the short-format is less daunting for reluctant writers.

Below is are a sample of the fifty writing activities in Years 4 to 7 on Brilliant Writing Lessons.